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Entry #2

A New Mr. Bones Episode will come you way soon!

2012-02-14 08:35:05 by ChrisSmithVideosTV

So I just created the promo/trailer for The Incredible Underworld Adventures of Mr. Bones. A new episode and the first, hopefully not the last, but it is very well possible, episode of Mr. Bones. To give some background and details on this dude: He's dead. In a relationship with the corpse bride. And can mutate himself by growing limbs and facial features. Not all of his mutations work, though. If they don't work, they will simply break off, and the limb will resuscitate back into his body. Mr. Bones is quite intelligent, considering the fact when he was living, his family was very poor. He became a dictator, and died after being elected due to malfunctions resulting in the motor function of his brain from when he was born. Once setting foot in the Land of the Dead, Mr. Bones automatically became a public figure. For some unknown reason, whenever his spirit got sent to that world, it coincide with that of someone else's body. Normally, when he was alive, his attire like many of the other people, would consist of a Victorian style of clothing, and he was very pail, but also skinnier than most of the people around, due to implications as a child, but when entering the underworld, he transformed. His pail skin had turned green, and he grew muscle. He also had seemed to have changed into a pinstriped white suit, with a red bow tie, and a steampunk gothic top hat. Also, he sports a skull cane, which resembles him if his skull had been showing, notably from the top hat it's wearing. Well, that's most of what you need to know and to get more of Mr. Bones, you can also tune in to Hope you enjoy my flash, my inspiration is the mastermind of melancholy and goth, Mr. Tim Burton. His work has astounded me ever since I saw my first video, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Thanks for reading!


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